Professional Testimonials

I began my study of oral health science in 1980 in the USA.  Like many of my colleagues, I enjoy continuous learning and researching advancements in dentistry. When I first met Hisham, I found we shared similar personal aspirations and enthusiasm for life, service and our profession.

His unique natural oral care product line holds these very qualities in its wholeness.  It is an exceptional system of innovation, intelligence and integrity. I continually recommend the products to my patients, friends and family.

As a clinician, I am delighted to see such safe & effective preventative therapy that people actually enjoy using and giving to their kids to keep their mouths clean and safe.

Catherine Schillinger - RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist), Hawkes Bay

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My family and I have been using Dr Hisham's products for nearly two years. I wanted an alternative because the toothpastes we were using didn't prevent decay in myself, my wife or my kids. That is embarrassing to say as a dentist don't you think? Finally, we are not going through the cycle of decay-fill-decay-filI anymore. And our diet and oral hygiene has always been pretty good. 

Now I can't see the rationale of putting a product that you can't swallow into your mouth. We absorb enough toxins in all the other hair and beauty products we put in our skin. We now use the products for our patients post surgery, for xerostomia, for periodontal patients, high risk caries or for those keen on a healthier alternative.

Dr Jason Pang, BDS (USyd), BSc (Biomed Sci Uni Medal, Hons)

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“I know Hisham has worked hard to create and test the Ozospa products over a number of years. These oral care products are quite revolutionary being non toxic, fine to ingest and cover a whole range of beneficial actions (reducing decay, remineralising teeth, stimulating saliva, killing bad bacteria, nurturing good bugs, reducing biofilm). 

I recommend Dr Hisham's product range to my family, staff and patients in my holistic dental practice, as our go to product for whole mouth health. “

Dr. Terry Rose, BDS, Melbourne

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We need more Serum urgently. Our patients love it more than we imagined, and so do our daughters. Thanks Hisham for inventing something so awesome.

Dr. Donny Mandrawa BDSc (Melbourne), FICOI

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Dear Hisham,
Thank you! Finally a system that works. 26 years of dentistry, 18 as an Orthodontist, I've never seen this before.

After swallowing the garbage in brand toothpaste with or without fluoride, it passes through us then breaks down to damaging compounds that destroy our ecosystem. Whether you meant to or not you are now an eco-warrior.

You have seen a nail and not just hit it with a hammer, but taken natural holistic eco-friendly ingredients and created a whole system, that's unbelievable. I first used it thinking I’ll find the very thing I dislike about toothpaste. It’s not tooth paste. I can’t fault your products.

I have an 8 year old son, Kingsley, I don’t know why but you think the very last thing I feel like is arguing with him to brush his teeth! Too hot! Too gritty!

I sat him down and explained what you have done for us. At 5 am before breakfast, he wanted to try your Serum. He called it shams serum which made me laugh but we did it together.

He used the baby serum, he scrubbed for two minutes, spat it out , no rinse, washed his brush and asked if he could do it again? my wife and I laughed after all the fights to get that brush in there now we don’t even ask. It’s done.

Hisham, I can’t express enough, from our profession, the need for what you have created. The time and effort must have been enormous. I wish you well. thanks for stopping the nag every morning and night to Kingsley and he’s asking me to say thanks for the nice taste.

Dr. Daniel Abood, QLD Australia

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“As a progressive dentist who loves technology and evolving care for my patients, I have recommended many special products for home care over the years.

The most unique and effective oral care range that I’m impressed by now is Dr Hisham’s system. My patients love it and I can see the positive changes in their oral health and wellbeing as well as whiter teeth.

I understood the concept behind alkalising for health, like what Hisham created with Alequident Technology used in his products, but never saw the whole concept integrated in such a simple, safe and effective system until now.

My personal favourite is the Alkaline mouthrinse, I almost want to drink that stuff! Good thing it’s natural and safe if swallowed!”

Dr. Angie Papas, BDS, Sydney

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“As a qualified dental therapist and hygienist I take my own dental hygiene very seriously. I hadn't heard about Dr Hisham’s products until I was introduced to them by my own dentist – but now I wouldn't use anything else!

I've done my research on Xylitol, which is one of the key ingredients in all these products. There is extensive clinical evidence of the effectiveness of Xylitol in reducing mouth acids and plaque biofilm, which contribute to tooth demineralization and increased oral bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans.

Dr Hisham’s system also includes other ingredients that help to control biofilm, whiten teeth and freshen breath.

Best of all, these products were developed right here in New Zealand by Dr. Hisham Abdalla. They are safe to use and ingest, and they are really effective. I've been using Dr Hisham’s products for over 3 years and I am happy to recommend them to my own patients.”

Mekala Taylor BHSc (Oral Health) - Oral Health Therapist / Hygienist

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"Knowing more about the choices I make with looking after my teeth, gums & oral hygiene is very important to me, health-wise. I'm a Bikram yoga teacher and I’m aware of how good my body needs to be looked after to ensure its longevity. 

Dr Hisham’s is absolutely the best choice I made for the well being of my mouth. It keeps my breath clean and confident but it is more than that. I’m now empowered to make my own choices for my body.

I grew up in an environment of using commercial products that were accepted and not challenged. Our Kiwi saying "follow the sheep” no longer applies to me.

My name is Jack, I am a yoga teacher and I promote drinking the best water, meditating and using the best products for oral care and that is Dr Hisham’s Natural Oral Care."

Jack Smith, Hastings, NZ

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“As a minimally invasive dentist who’s always looking for ways to advance our profession, and provide the best to my patients. I’m excited to see that a colleague has finally developed an Alkaline oral care system.

My partner and I have been using it personally and with our patients for many years now, with amazing results.

Our patients love the clean mouth feel, knowing it works and is safe for their families and they even recommend it to their friends. They tell us that they cannot use any other products after they started using Dr Hisham’s range. Their oral health has definitely improved.

My patients with braces have shown exceptional improvement in their oral hygiene when we added the Vital Mints supplements for teeth to their daily routine. That is a great benefit”.

Dr. Hany Aziz - DDS, Queensland, Australia.

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