Our story

Dr Hisham’s oral care system was born out of a desire to protect not only his own oral health, but that of his own daughter’s as a baby, without adding hazardous substances to her sensitive little body.

He started actively researching and mixing his own handmade formulations for his daughter Noor since she was born in 2001. It all started with 1 Vital Question:

"What if oral care products were actually health supplements naturally nutritional to you and supporting your and your symbiotic microbiome, rather than detergents, abrasives, irritants, toxins & environmental hazards?”

Then he went on to create the solutions ...

For the health of our family and yours ...

As a practicing dental surgeon and international educator, he realised that toothpastes and most conventional or natural oral hygiene products contain too many questionable ingredients that are not natural in effect on the human body, and not natural in source either.

They also haven’t succeeded in curbing the growing global epidemics of tooth decay, dental erosion, gum recession and disease, as well as bad breath and dry mouth (xerostomia).

Dr Hisham felt compelled to create an empowering system that he knew would provide your smile with the nourishment and protection that he wished for his own family - naturally and safely.

Backed by a depth of insider knowledge, expertise and research as well as support from professional academics and dental colleagues internationally, he was motivated to evolve and share his personal innovations to help more people experience greater well-being like his family and trusting guests have, over the past 20 years.

We belong together ... 

We’re dedicated to continue manufacturing in clean, green New Zealand; while supporting the local economy and caring for the families of our local team. Together we bring you the best oral and personal care lifestyle products anywhere in the world.

We are founded on a Social Entrepreneurial model. For every Serum sold we will give a free eco-bamboo toothbrush to a child in need and for every 10 products sold on our website we will give away a Baby Teeth Serum to a child in need in New Zealand schools.

We’re actively sharing online educational video content and inspirational in-person mentoring with adults and children to empower them to contribute to society by looking better after their health, diet and smile.

Please help us help more people look better, feel better and be better.


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