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Everything you need to support healthy teeth and gums already exists in nature. In your mouth it is the flow of your saliva that we support - just like the flow of life force in a river needs to be protected and cherished.

Dr Hisham’s formulas harness the properties of New Zealand, Australian and European plant sourced ingredients, Organic oils & Vital Bio-minerals that are completely natural in effect, while eliminating all unnecessary harmful toxins.

When combined in high concentrations, these ingredients do what nothing else out there does. They work in synergy to help soothe gums, keep your teeth clean and your mouth feeling fresh while whitening, re-mineralising and de-sensitising your teeth.

:Dr Hisham’s Holistic Oral Care System works through actively contributing to a physiologically balanced oral environment that supports good bacteria in the ‘bug city’ of your mouth, while expressing the good biofilm bio-flora that protect you and your vital oral tissues (teeth, gums, soft skin mucosa, tongue & guts).

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Dr. Hisham’s Holistic Oral Care System Ingredients

What makes our formulas unique is that they do not rely on just one special ingredient, but a Patent Pending synergistic concentrated combination of active, evidence proven ingredients that are natural in source and natural in effect.

You can search scientific databases like PUBMED anytime regarding every ingredient we use. 

The intention of using only natural food-grade ingredients is that ALL our current and future products are totally safe for humans and safe to ingest. Virtually no other oral care products in the market today were designed this way.

Check our ingredient safety on trusted cosmetic safety databases like 

Dr Hisham's Biofilm inhibition Lab test Trinity Bioactives 2

Ozonated Pure New Zealand Water:  Sourced from deep aquifers near Katikati, where Avocado & Kiwi fruit orchards are at the centre of the world.

This fluoride-free pure water is then triple filtered to remove any chlorine or residue, then highly disinfected using freshly-generated Ozone in our facility. 

We use Ozone to disinfect the water and working areas due to its high efficacy against all microbes and viruses while being environmentally friendly. Ozone leaves behind only water and oxygen as breakdown products. 

 Xylitol:  A naturally sweet extract from the bark of Birchwood trees. We only use non-GMO, sustainable Birchwood Xylitol from Finland for its purity, quality, and validated efficacy.

Pure Finnish Xylitol’s powerful dental health benefits have been scientifically proven. researched and documented since the 60s. It is classified as food GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) by the FDA and other regulatory bodies around the world.

When used in High Concentrations, as in our range, the bad bacteria and fungus (Candida) consume the Xylitol, but are not able to digest it for energy or ferment it.  It effectively blocks only the bad bacteria from breeding and kills them.

Xylitol is proven to also help enhance the remineralization of teeth, in the presence of Bicarbonate, Calcium & Phosphate. 

Xylitol is effective as a standalone ingredient, however when combined with other active ingredients it helps support dental health and hygiene.

Totarol:  Is an extract from the heartwood of the Totara tree that is unique to New Zealand.

Scientific research has shown Totarol is an antioxidant and supports the level of good microbes.  Totarol is renewable and generally extracted from salvage Totara wood.

As the Totara is now a protected tree, no new trees are cut to extract Totarol powder.

Organic Coconut oil:  Traditionally used in Vedic practice to support oral health, recent scientific research has shown it nourishes and contributes to mucosa health, supporting mouth and skin health.

Organic Coconut Glycerin: We only use food grade Organic Coconut Glycerin.  It is used as a homogeniser for many of the essential oils that do not dissolve in water.  It is also an emollient which is an ingredient that helps support moisture levels. 

Brushing for 2 minutes with Coconut oil and Glycerin emulsifies them much faster than traditional 'oil pulling' for 20 minutes! We don't use any soaps/detergents or foaming agents in our Natural Oral Care System. 

Tea Tree oil:  Is an ancient antiseptic extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia from Australia.  

Manuka oil:   Extract derived from the New Zealand Manuka Tree. 

Peppermint oil:  We only use real natural peppermint oil.

Calcium Glycerophosphate:  A mineral of equal amounts of the Essential elements; phosphorous and calcium.  It is a water soluble salt dissolved in saliva that supports teeth and bone health and reminderalisation.

Sodium Bicarbonate: Generally known as Baking Soda, it is used as a mild Non-abrasive cleaner and whitener. 

Its main role in the human blood and saliva (that is emulated in our product formulation) is to increases the pH to a physiologically safe level of about 8, that then neutralises acids and buffers back body fluids to the balanced neutral pH of 7-7.4 .

It directly suppresses Mutans bacteria (and all other acid loving biofilm) growth to stop demineralization of teeth. 

Potassium Citrate:  A soluble potassium salt to provide support in the relief of tooth sensitivity.  

Sodium phytate: A complex sodium salt naturally found in plants. It helps to improve whitening effects without increasing abrasive amount in the toothpaste. 

Zinc Citrate: A Zinc salt that helps reduce the build up of dental plaque and tartar which supports fresh breath

Zinc is also well known scientifically to inactivate bad breath bacteria.

Sodium Chlorite: A safe and proven drinking water salt additive that support teeth whitening.

Betaine: a root plant polysaccharide that is clinically proven effective against dry mouth by stimulating Salvia flow. 

Sodium Anisate:  A water soluble salt from Anise.  It is also a natural preservative.

Xanthan gum:  A natural polysaccharide used as a food thickening agent.

Menthol Crystals: Fresh, fragrant and food-grade real menthol crystals mixed into our oils to give you that refreshing feeling of a clean mouth.


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