Thanks so much for the products you delivered to my husband Tom. The boys love the tooth serum & think it tastes great. I've always loved your mouth rinse & the new serum was fantastic.

Thanks a million!


Video Testimonial Dentist's Kids 2017

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“We started using Dr Hisham’s system about 6 months ago and we are absolutely delighted with the products. It is so easy to use, economical, and leaves your breath feeling fresh, your mouth clean and your teeth shiny.

We highly recommend Dr Hisham and his products!!”

Peter and Bev Cooley

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I just love Dr Hisham’s product system.  It is soothing on the gums and leaves a lovely clean feeling. Within a very short space of time I noticed my teeth were whiter and glossy without using the typical whitening products of harsh chemicals.

I have suffered a lot with my health and teeth over the years, but not anymore. Thank you for introducing me to this”

K. Fieckert, NZ

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“I've been using Dr Hisham’s complete range of natural care products for about 3 months. I LOVE the fresh clean mouth feel while knowing what I’m putting into my body is safe. I will not be going back to toothpaste!!”

Michael Mayell, NZ

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“Rinsing my mouth out with Dr Hisham’s mouth rinse and then cleaning my teeth with the dental powder is in fact a real pleasure. My mouth feels refreshed and revitalized. I actually look forward to my twice a day cleaning”

Bryan Fitzpatrick, NZ

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“I have been using Dr Hisham’s natural dental products for two years. I find the Mouth Rinse mild and really pleasant to use, I like the fact that it is alcohol and detergent free. The Serum and Dental Powder are also great. Toothpastes fill my mouth with a lot of soapy froth, but this powder gets straight down to the business of providing a good, no fuss clean for my teeth and gums, without feeling the need to rinse after. My mouth has never been so healthy.”

Gillian G, NZ

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“I spent decades trying to stop my teeth from dissolving and causing me embarrassment, pain and huge costs. I was so lucky to have found Dr Hisham and having him treat me with such care about how I felt, not just what my teeth needed.

I have not required any dental treatment for the past 11 years using Dr Hisham’s products, other than my hygienist cleans. That is a record I never imagined I could ever achieve, but it’s true. “

Jerry C., Auckland.

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“I am writing to express my appreciation with your recommendation of a new dental care system:
With my normal flossing then brushing, the toothpaste lathered all over my mouth and then straight afterwards I had to thoroughly wash out the creamy mess in my mouth. Each time I did this, it didn’t feel like my teeth were actually cleaner, and they certainly didn’t feel protected once everything was rinsed away.

But with normal flossing, and then using the two-step system Dr Hisham recommended, it’s completely different for me.

Using the Alkaline Mouth Rinse first actually makes my mouth feel fresher. Because it’s alcohol and acid free, I know that it’s not attacking my teeth. It’s balancing out my mouth’s pH levels.

Then, brushing with the Serum and Dental Powder, my teeth and gums feel very clean. I don’t have to rinse anything away, so I know that the healthy ingredients are still there, working to protect my mouth from nasty bacteria.

When using toothpaste twice a day, it was a battle to keep my mouth healthy. But now with the Dr Hisham’s I’ve noticed a big difference in my dental health, and so has my dental hygienist. Now when my mouth is examined, instead of checking for inflammation bad news, I’m told that my mouth is so healthy, it’s “almost boring”!

Dr Abdalla, thank you recommending such great products. It’s been so effective for me, it truly is the next generation in dental health care.

Stephen Bowkett

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I love both Dr Hisham’s teeth powder and the Vital mints. I use them both. They keep my breath fresh and my teeth whiter than they have ever been.

Usually my teeth stain due to daily coffee, they are as white today as the day I had them cleaned and polished by my dental hygienist and that was over 4 months ago!

Also my dentist has told me that I am a hyper-secretor and therefore will always have problems with excessive plaque and tartar. Heavy plaque build-up is a problem of the past since using Dr Hisham’s dental powder.

Tim Zelko, Wisconsin, USA

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I have been using Dr Hisham's mouth-rinse and Dental Powder for over 2 years now.

Recently I had run out of the Dental Powder for 3 days. Having had to go back to normal toothpaste was a shocking reminder as to why I don't use it anymore. It not only tastes unnatural, but it doesn’t leave me feeling like I have a fresh, clean, neutral balance in my mouth. I'll be keeping the powder backed up in the cupboards from now on so I don't run out again!

Jodi Tempero, NZ

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For all of my life I had used traditional toothpastes without any real thought about alternatives, for to the best of my knowledge there were none.

I have to say that, after nearly six decades of using tubes of brands x, y or z, I was astounded to discover that not only was there a totally non-toothpaste option, but just how effective and pleasant it is.

I can say without hesitation that Dr Hisham’s Serum and dental powder have been a revelation to me at a time in my life when new discoveries are few and far between!

I recommend it without hesitation as an extraordinarily important component of good dental hygiene, while keeping you safe

Peter Gee, NZ

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I had no idea about the hidden ingredients brand marketers don’t want you to know about. There are many foods, health care products, drinks and supplements filled with some of the most damaging ingredients you can put in your body.

That is why I use Dr Hisham’s products, because it helps protect my health, my mouth and my teeth from the products I don’t know about.

Balancing and neutralizing the negative effects has significantly changed my dental history. As soon as I started to use the products I became conscious to how an acid PH level will support bad bacteria and increase my chances of dental work needed in the future. You can’t hide bad cake just by decorating it with sweet icing.

I’m no dental expert but I know Dr Hisham’s team have designed a unique product line to help prevent the issue rather than trying to disguise the effects. The products work and I’m privileged to have been an early believer.

You will notice the results. My smile represents the confidence within and I want to look after my investment.

Peter Revell, NZ

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