Dr. Daniel Abood, QLD Australia

Dear Hisham,
Thank you! Finally a system that works. 26 years of dentistry, 18 as an Orthodontist, I've never seen this before.

After swallowing the garbage in brand toothpaste with or without fluoride, it passes through us then breaks down to damaging compounds that destroy our ecosystem. Whether you meant to or not you are now an eco-warrior.

You have seen a nail and not just hit it with a hammer, but taken natural holistic eco-friendly ingredients and created a whole system, that's unbelievable. I first used it thinking I’ll find the very thing I dislike about toothpaste. It’s not tooth paste. I can’t fault your products.

I have an 8 year old son, Kingsley, I don’t know why but you think the very last thing I feel like is arguing with him to brush his teeth! Too hot! Too gritty!

I sat him down and explained what you have done for us. At 5 am before breakfast, he wanted to try your Serum. He called it shams serum which made me laugh but we did it together.

He used the baby serum, he scrubbed for two minutes, spat it out , no rinse, washed his brush and asked if he could do it again? my wife and I laughed after all the fights to get that brush in there now we don’t even ask. It’s done.

Hisham, I can’t express enough, from our profession, the need for what you have created. The time and effort must have been enormous. I wish you well. thanks for stopping the nag every morning and night to Kingsley and he’s asking me to say thanks for the nice taste.