Jack Smith, Hastings, NZ

"Knowing more about the choices I make with looking after my teeth, gums & oral hygiene is very important to me, health-wise. I'm a Bikram yoga teacher and I’m aware of how good my body needs to be looked after to ensure its longevity. 

Dr Hisham’s is absolutely the best choice I made for the well being of my mouth. It keeps my breath clean and confident but it is more than that. I’m now empowered to make my own choices for my body.

I grew up in an environment of using commercial products that were accepted and not challenged. Our Kiwi saying "follow the sheep” no longer applies to me.

My name is Jack, I am a yoga teacher and I promote drinking the best water, meditating and using the best products for oral care and that is Dr Hisham’s Natural Oral Care."