Mekala Taylor BHSc (Oral Health) - Oral Health Therapist / Hygienist

“As a qualified dental therapist and hygienist I take my own dental hygiene very seriously. I hadn't heard about Dr Hisham’s products until I was introduced to them by my own dentist – but now I wouldn't use anything else!

I've done my research on Xylitol, which is one of the key ingredients in all these products. There is extensive clinical evidence of the effectiveness of Xylitol in reducing mouth acids and plaque biofilm, which contribute to tooth demineralization and increased oral bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans.

Dr Hisham’s system also includes other ingredients that help to control biofilm, whiten teeth and freshen breath.

Best of all, these products were developed right here in New Zealand by Dr. Hisham Abdalla. They are safe to use and ingest, and they are really effective. I've been using Dr Hisham’s products for over 3 years and I am happy to recommend them to my own patients.”