Peter Revell, NZ

I had no idea about the hidden ingredients brand marketers don’t want you to know about. There are many foods, health care products, drinks and supplements filled with some of the most damaging ingredients you can put in your body.

That is why I use Dr Hisham’s products, because it helps protect my health, my mouth and my teeth from the products I don’t know about.

Balancing and neutralizing the negative effects has significantly changed my dental history. As soon as I started to use the products I became conscious to how an acid PH level will support bad bacteria and increase my chances of dental work needed in the future. You can’t hide bad cake just by decorating it with sweet icing.

I’m no dental expert but I know Dr Hisham’s team have designed a unique product line to help prevent the issue rather than trying to disguise the effects. The products work and I’m privileged to have been an early believer.

You will notice the results. My smile represents the confidence within and I want to look after my investment.


smile safe