Stephen Bowkett

“I am writing to express my appreciation with your recommendation of a new dental care system:
With my normal flossing then brushing, the toothpaste lathered all over my mouth and then straight afterwards I had to thoroughly wash out the creamy mess in my mouth. Each time I did this, it didn’t feel like my teeth were actually cleaner, and they certainly didn’t feel protected once everything was rinsed away.

But with normal flossing, and then using the two-step system Dr Hisham recommended, it’s completely different for me.

Using the Alkaline Mouth Rinse first actually makes my mouth feel fresher. Because it’s alcohol and acid free, I know that it’s not attacking my teeth. It’s balancing out my mouth’s pH levels.

Then, brushing with the Serum and Dental Powder, my teeth and gums feel very clean. I don’t have to rinse anything away, so I know that the healthy ingredients are still there, working to protect my mouth from nasty bacteria.

When using toothpaste twice a day, it was a battle to keep my mouth healthy. But now with the Dr Hisham’s I’ve noticed a big difference in my dental health, and so has my dental hygienist. Now when my mouth is examined, instead of checking for inflammation bad news, I’m told that my mouth is so healthy, it’s “almost boring”!

Dr Abdalla, thank you recommending such great products. It’s been so effective for me, it truly is the next generation in dental health care.


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