When our daughter cut her first tooth we were looking for the most natural option to keep her teeth clean, and were concerned that we were continually advised that she shouldn't swallow conventional toothpaste - which sent alarm bells ringing.
We were relieved to find Dr Hisham's baby tooth serum, and comforted to know it was of food grade quality. Our daughter loves it and now we wouldn't use anything else.

Victoria Viall, Auckland

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I tried so many natural toothpastes in my lifetime and never found one that really stood out supreme to any conventional toothpaste. I was delighted to discover Dr Hisham’s Serum that I cannot even compare it to toothpaste, because it does so much more.

I knew this serum was magic, from the way it made my mouth feel and more importantly the elimination of gunk from my power brush, its charger and the sink area around it!

Ever wondered where does all that muck go when we consume toothpastes daily?

Irene Jane, NZ

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