How Toothmousse inspired me to do better & why I couldn't use it for my daughter

Another personal/professional review to help people make better choices with oral care products.
Inspiration comes from Aspiration (to do better) and Desperation (failing to find the solution one is looking for).
This is one story that gave me both incentives over 13 years ago and helped me create clarity in my intent and imagination, while deciding where to go with my journey.
I know it's longer than the 2-3 minute online span of today's viewers, but I could not cut any more of what was 1/2hr recording and still keep the context and proper flow of information going.
PLEASE WATCH IT WHOLE to make an informed decision about your health and your kids', or don't watch it at all!
*Disclaimer: this is a personal expression of true events that led to my progress. I have not included scientific data on subjects discussed including: Titanium Dioxide carcinogenicity, Parabens, Casein, Liposomal delivery and lipid interaction mechanisms with biominerals/salts in natural saliva and the human body+ much more.
All this science can be readily found through a search if you take the time to read, analyse and recombine it to better use. No names of individuals were mentioned, including many whom I love and respect.
This is to avoid any of my personal opinions being imparted upon/confused with other persons opinions or perceptions.


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