How do you know whether a Mouth Rinse is good for you, or not?

How do you know that a Mouth Rinse is good for you, or not?

Think about it, use your senses and science too! Look, Smell, Read, taste and TEST the pH! Do try this at home now ...

What if we supplement our mouth health, rather than scrub our teeth?

Organic Speak: What if we evolve rather than dissolve our teeth and delicate oral skin, what if we heal and nurture rather than torture our mouths?

Simple questions, right? Well now we have answers.

If you care enough about your outer skin, it's time to care for our inner skin - your mouth and gut mucosa and ALL their contents including ecology, microbiome, teeth, bones & gums. 

Let us help you get there organically, safely and joyfully ... Read more

Ask yourself this simple pertinent question: Is my toothpaste safe?

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