The Natural Toothpaste Paradox ... Part 2of2

Is Natural Toothpaste a Paradox? Let's explore this oxymoron ...
Can any toothpaste have a NATURAL EFFECT in the human mouth and balancing the ecology?

This is Video 2 of 2 .  Longer than the usual 2 minute cute kitten videos.

However, this is a broad subject affecting your health choices over a lifetime. Therefore it requires deeper explanation, education, demonstration and evaluation before you make your choices.

. No Foaming detergent is natural for you, not just SLS.
. No Daily abrasion is good for your gums, oral skin or teeth - insoluble abrasives like Calcium Carbonate and Silica are in ALL toothpastes.
. No Parabens, Titanium dioxide or Propylene Glycol are ok to be ingested ... plus more
. No HONEY or other sugar is ever ok to brush your teeth with.
. No Aspartame or saccharine is ok for daily ingestion
. What is Healthy, necessary for oral balance and microbiome balance that is totally missing and impossible to deliver in a gooey 'toothpaste' formula ?

Please Enjoy and share..
Creating Oral Balance without Badditives


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