Watch me live clinically test my latest product creation for your healthy smile -All new Natural Dental Detox & Tooth Whitening Powder.

Like all my products, carefully crafted, hand mixed, personally appraised, clinically tested and then taken to production and packaging after careful feedback evaluation from our loving guests.

As per our core principals, all ingredients are natural food grade, organic and/or pharmaceutical grade (supplements, not detergents!), they are synergistic in unique proprietary combinations, safe to ingest (actually good to ingest!) and highly effective for multiple functions that serve you.

Simplest professional rules to keep you teeth white:

1. KEEP YOUR ENAMEL & YOUR GUMS covering your dentine - acids and abrasives are your enemies!!
2. Reduce your consumption of Tannins (natural food colours) and artificial colours (in fake food and dental hygiene products ...
3. Clean your teeth regularly 2-3 times per day, only with SUPER SOFT brush and non-abrasive aides.
4. Use a natural oxidising agent (water soluble powder, liquid or gel) that is ALKALINE to help remove stains on your teeth a few times every month based on our lifestyle.

Yours in Health
Dr Hisham
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