What can you use our Vital & Baby Teeth Serums for?

The 7 main uses of our dental Serums combined with the Alkaline mouthrinse and the rest of our Natural Oral Care System are:

1. To help clean your teeth and gums safely- without abrasives or irritants.

2. To help protect your teeth from decay (acid from bacteria) and erosion (acid from diet or stomach)

3. To help protect your gums health from bad bacteria overgrowth, inflammation and recession.

4. To help you eliminate Bad Breath (always rinse with Alkaline mouthrinse first before brushing)

5. To help balance your oral microbiome ecology though managing the vital biochemistry that controls the environment.

6. To desensitise teeth & gums - Apply directly with a clean finger to sensitive teeth necks and to sore gums and feel the healing.

7. To replace saliva in Dry mouth sufferers - Xerostomia. Apply with a clean finger or your tongue to all oral skin (mucosa and gingiva) liberally as often as you feel the need to alkalise, stimulate flow of healing saliva or feel the burning mouth associated with xerostomia

All this without toxins, irritants or badditives. Safe for your inner environment and our outer environment.


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