What if we supplement our mouth health, rather than scrub our teeth?

Organic Speak: What if we evolve rather than dissolve our teeth and delicate oral skin, what if we heal and nurture rather than torture our mouths?

Simple questions, right? Well now we have answers.

If you care enough about your outer skin, it's time to care for our inner skin - your mouth and gut mucosa and ALL their contents including ecology, microbiome, teeth, bones & gums ... 

Video Transcript:

Hi, I am Dr. Hisham and I am here to talk to you today about a new way of thinking, a new paradigm of how and why we should be taking care of, nurturing and supplementing our whole mouth health as part of our gut health to really stay healthy.

What I am talking about is using oral care supplements that really clean but also nurture and nourish everything that is inside our mouths including our teeth, our gums, our bone, our delicate skin and the microbiome that lives in it rather than using irritants, toxins, abrasives, detergents and all what’s out there as conventional dental products - so called “normal”!

 There are also a lot of so called “natural” oral/dental care products out there that claim to clean your mouth but at the expense of adding all these toxic irritants and chemicals that are not good for anything inside your mouth or your microbiome let alone the environment that is outside of our mouths that we let all these things out into, and yet we exist within as well.

I am talking about supplementing using oral care supplements that clean, heal, protect and nourish while being good for our inner environment and our outer environment.

That’s what I mean by Natural- as in natural in EFFECT and in harmony with what the natural flow of the ecosystem we exist as and within.


The reason I created these products, which are totally distinct to anything else out there, is of course to help people clean their teeth better which as we have all been told.

But that’s not the whole story! The real story is not about ‘teeth’ because the teeth do not exist without the human who really needs them, uses them and of course they have value to that person. It’s about what do those teeth live within.

Teeth live within the mouth and the mouth is obviously the portal to your whole health and to your whole body and there is a whole environment and ecology that lives in there that we need to nurture and look after.

So nurture it rather than torture it with the products and the cleaning aides and the methods that you use every day to look after yourself. 

With that in mind, I give you The Vital Teeth Serum and Baby Teeth Serum, containing all these amazing prebiotic plant fibres, vital bio-minerals, organic essential oils, organic lipids like; Organic coconut oil, organic Cocoa butter and all the other natural oils, plus the amazing Totarol and now I added the dental vitamins- Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 that are essential for healthy teeth, healthy bones, healthy gums and healthy hormones.

That’s a whole different talk which we’ll talk about in a different article or video, about what makes them so unique and stand out amongst all other oral care products.


There is nothing like that in the world today and that’s the reason I made them so, to be of value to you, to your health, to your family, to your teeth of course to your gums, to your bones and to everything else that’s inside there while nurturing the microbiome inside your mouth, as well as inside your guts. The aim is to bring balance to your mouth, to bring balance to your body and to bring balance to your wellbeing.  That’s how you stay healthy.

 The other supplement product, which is the Vital Mints, obviously does not contain oils. These are mints. They are made as a chewable supplement; we don’t really chew on them we suck on them for a little bit and they dissolve quickly because they are water-soluble.

The prebiotic plant fibres, mainly Birch Xylitol, kill bad bacteria and suppress their growth while nurturing and allowing the good bacteria to grow.

The bio-minerals, are the same ones in the serum. They’re back in here to strengthen your teeth, to reduce sensitivity, to protect against tooth decay, of course strengthen bones and alkalise everything inside your mouth and inside your guts as well.


So really we are talking about supplementing health while cleaning, protecting and nourishing rather than using chemicals abrasives, toxins and irritants to so called “clean our teeth” at the expense of everything else inside our mouths and thereby inside our body.

By the way, if you’re looking to really get rid of bad breath and stay fresh all the time, it’s part of being healthy.  So do that rather than masking the stink using all these mints, gums and stuff that’s out there that really just mask the stink but doesn’t get rid of the bad breath cause. It doesn’t get rid of the source of the bad breath, which is rotting food debris and bad bacteria.

 The Vital Mints don’t only nurture your saliva and stimulate your saliva, they actually actively suppress the bad bacteria that are causing the bad breath basically and nurture the good bacteria.

 Again, it’s the same thing. By balancing the biochemistry and balancing the microbiome inside our mouths. We are not only actively maintaining health, but we are also staying fresh and staying clean in a good proper manner rather than just masking the stink as it is with all other products that you’ll find out there.

That’s the core message in a very short period of time.

More details to come about each segment of the ingredients - what they do, what are they synergistic and how do they act intelligently, in future videos and articles.

I’ll see you soon and talk to you while you’re always seeking to look better, feel better and be better.  

Thank you & take care :-)

Dr Hisham



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