World's 1st Eco Alkaline Mouth Rinse Refill in Compostable NZ-made Packaging, with Love.

This is how to make your own Physiologically active Alkaline Mouth Rinse for daily use at home - biobalance without badditives.

Another World 1st from little New Zealand with love. Dr. Hisham brought you:

1. The World's 1st Holistic Oral Care System

2. The World's 1st Microbiome balancing Oral Care Nutritional Supplement

3. The World's 1st Food Grade Professional Oral Health System, Dentist made & clinically tested with real people and biofeedback!

4. The World's 1s Dental Vital SERUM - Non-toothpaste that's better than any toothpaste for any human tissue, cell, mitochondria and healthy microbiota.

5. The World's 1st Baby Mouth SERUM - Prebiotic balancing for baby's mouth, instant, children and above.

6. The World's First Refillable, Reusable and Recyclable packaging in the whole oral care industry across the whole system!

7. The World's 1st Biofunctional Gum&ToothBrush ! All good for all of you , better for our inner and outer ecosystem.

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