World's best Professional, Holistic & Natural Oral Care created by New Zealand Dentist

Alkaline, Safe for all, Natural in effect and source, Eco packaging, Balancing to your inner ecology and harmless to our outer ecology. Cleaning, Healing, Nourishing & Nurturing - because ALL health starts through your mouth. 

Vital Teeth Serum & Baby Teeth Serum are the world’s first professional prebiotic blend of Organic Coconut oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, NZ Manuka & Tea Tree oils,  bio-active plant fibers like Birch Xylitol & NZ Totarol, then fortified with essential Biominerals & Vitamins K2 and D3.

We crafted a sophisticated non-toothpaste serum that’s a whole lot better for you and your loved ones, as well as our whole ecosystem & environment.

Many dentists & hygienists love using our Vital Teeth Serum & our Baby Teeth Serum for their own children, while recommending them to their patients.